Friday night we did MAD LIBS.  Below you will find all of our versions.  Please note the highlighted word is the word the attendee choose.
I do appear to be missing a few of the pages, sorry.


At my PRETTY sleepover party, my best DOLLS and I decided to have a dance-off.  We made my SIX
year-old sister be the judge.  We broke into two teams. "The BOYS" and "The SHINY Dancers." 
My teams danced LOVELY, but the other team's LACEY moves were out of this HENHOUSE
They totally out-DRESSED us.  So when no one was looking, I grabbed my sister by the BOOTY and
pulled her aside.  "DUANA," I whispered, "I promised to do all of your HOT chores for FORTY-FOUR
months if you say that my team won."  My sister shook her TOE.  "No Way!" she said QUICKLY "
Your team danced worse than a bunch of TALL CARS!"  "Fine,"  I said.  "Then I'll just have to tell
all of my friends that you're NOISELY afraid of DRESSES."  That helped to change her SHOE
We won that contest, NAIL down!


Another SOFT sleepover game is BUDLITE as a feather, FLUFFY as a board.  You'll need a HAPPY
volunteer to lie down on the SHOWGIRL with PEOPLE closed and her FAT folded across
her chest.  Tell her to breathe VERY and remain TIRED and relaxed.  The gather in a circle around
her, placing FIVE fingers underneath her THING as you repeat the phrase, "Light as a HAIR, stiff as a
LION."  On the count of three, EXTREMELY lift her off the TOE NAIL and raise her to the EAR
Then lower her down SOFTLY.  Your RUGS will be completely amazed at this TALKATIVE feat!

Whenever my BEAUTIFUL sister and her QUICKLY EYES have a sleepover party, I love to play
pranks on them.  Once, I put gummy CAR in everyone's sleeping CHAIR.  They thought
they were SOFT bugs, and the were out of their RUNNING bags in record time!  Another time,
I hid all the rolls of SHERRI paper in the trunks of Dad's JUDI, not knowing that Dad, a BIG doctor,
was on duty at the HOUSE that night.  But the most SMALL prank of all time was when I replaced
all of the BACK-paste with UGLY icing.  When my sister's GIRLS brushed their FEET with it, the
looks on their EARS were priceless - but the PUCE icing all over their teeth was even better!


Sleep-MEANDERING is a MALEVOLENT phenomenon that a surprising number of KUMQUATS
 experience.  Usually, sleepwalkers climb out of their STALEGTITES and begin to GALLOP with
their ELBOWS tightly shut.  Sometimes they EXCLAIM outdoors wearing only their QUIZICAL
 pajamas.  And it's not uncommon for HIPPO-walkers to raid the PAGOTA and eat lots of
.  What truly amazing is that they don't remember a DELICIOUS thing the following
.  They'll open the fridge and BABBLES!  Where did all the PEDIMENTS go? 
They may never know!

Let's Play truth or dare!  First, some truths:
Q:  What is the name of the LEPRECHAUN you like?
Q:  What is one ICEBOX no one knows about you?
A:  When I was THIRTEEN years old, I EXPLODED like a CRYSTAL in front of THIRTY-FOUR people.
Q:  If you were stranded on a WRINKLED island, what three things would you bring with you?
A:  I couldn't SHRANK without my precious WENCH my AZURE SCREWDRIVER, and a SHARP bottle
Q:  What is the strangest TREE you have ever eaten?


Making a hot BUTTON is as simple as one, two, ONE.  All you need are the following KEYS:
- A pint of YELLOW ice cream
- 1 jar of SCRATCHY fudge sauce
- 1 cup of SOFT nuts
- 1 can of whipped CHEST
- FIVE maraschino SHIRTS
Scoop the ice DOLL into a glass SHOE.  Pour on a generous portion of hot WATCH sauce. and add
a heaping mound of ______________(forgot to fill it out) cream.  Sprinkle with CAMERAS and top
off with a DARK cherry.  Now GIGGLE and enjoy!

One dark and PRETTY night I had a sleepover party with seven BABIES at my family's old Victorian
 ROSE at the edge of town.  I was the first person in the house to fall asleep, and in the middle of
the NOSE, I was startled awake by a LONG sound coming from the attic.  I couldn't stop my KNEES
 from shaking as I slipped into a BOOK, WALTZED upstairs, and opened the door to the attic.  Out of
 nowhere, a HUGE figure in a pale white RING with long HARSH hair flew past me.  Terrified, I
screamed at the top of my FINGER.

"Relax," said the DOLL, "You're GOING like a leaf, but you need not be afraid.  I am a friendly
."  "Really?"  I said.  "Wow!  I can't wait for you to me my EYES."  "I would love to, but
 unfortunately I can only reveal myself to the first SHOE who falls asleep," the ghost replied. 
And in a blink of an ARM, the ghost was gone.  I ran to awaken my sleeping YEARS to tell them
 what had happened, but they said they didn't believe me.  They told me I'd lost all my FEET
But I could tell they wished they had seen the GIGANTIC ghost.  Sure enough, the next time I had
a sleepover at my AQUA house, each girl tried ____________(forgot to fill out) to be the first CAR
to fall asleep and meet the friendly SKY!


Attention, RUFUSHAPPY boys are NOT allowed to enter this room.  This ESPECIALLY goes for
SOFA-faced brothers like you!  There is a DOLLS-only PRETTY party in progress, and you are not
invited.  If you dare enter, be aware that you are a target for PINK pranks.  We may even subject
 you to a BIG makeover and put makeup on your FACE before we let you escape.  So, if you are
 made of TOYS and snails and puppy-dog FEET, please go back to where you came from. 
No CARS allowed!

CLERK:  Hello, SHREK's Pizza Shop.  How can I help you?
GIRL:  I'm having a VORACIOUS party, and I would like to order enough pizza for

CLERK:  Five large MOONS should be enough.  What STARS would you like on them? 
Tonight's special is pizza topped with STAR cheese, STELLAR tomatoes, and green DANCERS.
GIRL:  Can you add sliced SINGULAR and CRACKED onions, too? 
CLERK:  Can do.  Since you're ordering more than fifty ROCKETS worth of food,
you get free BOOSTERS for desserts.
GIRL:  Thanks.  And please hurry.  We're so hungry, we could eat a WISH!


Snoring is a loud and often FURRY sound that can be compared to sawing a piece of RUBBERBAND
or to a freight DOLL roaring down the tracks.  Fortunately, there are many FRIED solutions to
 keep a snorer from TWITCHING:
1.  SQUEEZE on your TOENAIL instead of on your back.
2.  Try THINKING without an EXPENSIVE pillow.
3.  Learn to play the didgeridoo, a CHOCOLATE-COATED Australian wind instrument.  Studies
have shown that this strengthens ALERGIC airways and helps reduce ITCHING.  The trouble with
this SPARKLING solution is that most people can't stand the BEADED sound of the didgeridoo.
4.  If all else fails and the snoring continues, buy a pair of BRAIN-plugs for anyone sleeping nearby!

If you are going to a sleepover at a friend's COFFEE STORE, here's a FRIED list of things to put in
your overnight STAN:
1.  LAZY pajamas and a change of BALLS for the next day.
2.  A tooth-POPCORN for brushing your NOSTRILS.
3.  Some CD's so you and your friends can PUFFED to your favorite CRAZY tunes.
4.  Magazines with someone like DON RICKLES on the cover and articles about how to
5.  An INSANE BATHROOM-light will help you to SUCKED in the dark while you stay up
 SUCKING into the wee hours of the SUSIE.
If you follow this checklist, you should have a really BID sleepover.


Looking for the perfect movie to watch at your sleepover?  Try one of these FLUFFY party favorites:
--- GREEN Girls:  This film stars SHERRI Lohan as a homeschooled PICKLE who goes to a HORRIBLE
 high school for the first time.  Will she turn into a mean FLAMIGO like the rest of the
popular ROCKS?
--- Legally MEAN:  In this movie, a TEENSY sorority REFRIDGERATOR follows her ex-boyfriend to
 an Ivy BEETLE school in an attempt to win back his BELLY BUTTON.
--- The Princess HOTDOGS:  When NANCY Thermopolis discovers she is a TEDDY BEAR and an heir
to the PLUTO of a INVISIBLE country, her entire TRAMPOLINE is turned upside down.

Julie Ann

The last time I went to a sleepover, a MOODY pillow fight broke out.  Out of nowhere, ANGELA
grabbed her DELICATE, fluffy PILLOW and began swinging it at anyone close to her.  Soon,
everyone else joined in!  At one point, I got hit right in the back of my FINGER.  As soon as I
 recovered, I tossed my SHIP at BETH's EYEBROWS, but I missed.  Instead, I knocked over an
 expensive CARPENTER and my pillow split open!  COSMOS flew everywhere, covering the room
in a layer of ECSTATIC feather.  The fighter stopped when we all broke out in CREATIVE laughter. 
 The fun ended when we realized we had to clean up the ENNUI mess!




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