Ellowyne's Ennui is a board meant for fun and friendship.  It was created with Ellowyne Wilde and her friends in mind.  Here you can discuss dolls, post photos, and share items that are for sale.  Though Ellowyne is the main topic of discussion here, the board is not limited to just her and her friends.  You may post about other dolls in this board if you should like.  Below you find our "Rule's" courtesy of the Doll Divas Board.  I know, no one likes rules but there must be some in place to keep order.  Thank you for your understanding

Ellowyne's Ennui Administrators


The following posted with permission from the Doll Divas Board
Boardhost does not allow posts with the following content:

Boardhost requires that you must be a least 13 years of age to post on this board.

Please keep in mind that Doll Divas is a family friendly forum and we ask that you not post photos of nude dolls without "Warning: doll nudity" in the subject line. We also ask that you keep your photos TASTEFUL, which means nothing suggestive and no crotch shots, lol! Yes, we do realize that these are just dolls but some of our members have let us know that they don't like doll nudity and/or suggestive photos. It's not easy pleasing EVERYONE but that is what we aim for!

We have to look at the big picture in regards to who views the board and who might be offended. Children are able to view the board if they so choose and we don't want to hear any complaints from parents. Also, there are some adults who check the board at work and we don't want to get them in trouble, either.

Please refrain from highly debatable topics such as religion, politics, etc. These types of discussions usually lead to name calling and are best discussed on boards specifically geared to these topics.

In addition, we do not allow personal attacks of any kind, please be considerate of other people's feeling when posting on the board.

We at Doll Divas want to keep the board a fun, safe place for everyone who visits. Thank you for your understanding.