Sherri Agee

Hi, My name is Sherri Agee and I am a Stay-At-Home Mom/Military Wife.  I have played with dolls since I was a little girl, having had clothes made by both my talented grandmother and mother.  Moon Lily Dolls was started as a way to express my love of design through dolls.  It started with just me, but later my mother, Judi, joined in too.  Now we both take part in the making of fashions and adjusting of dolls.  My main love is historical, anything from about 1870's through the 1930's.  When I started out making fashions for Barbie, I started with crocheted fashions.  And then I blossomed into modern fun and funky fashions for Ellowyne, yet I retained my love of the Victorian periods, so I still do a lot of those styles too.  Now my fashions consist of crochet, sewn, and beadwork.  My mother also adds her spin on the fashions with sewing, beadwork and knitting.  We add a lot of love and time into each of our fashions and thoroughly enjoy doing OOAK fashions.  In 2009, my mother and I, held the first ever Ellowyne Retreat in Virginia.  It was called the "Misty Woods" Ellowyne Retreat and was a huge success.  In addition to our gorgeous fashions we have started carrying wigs, crochet rayon & 1/16th eyelets.

Judi Ronning

I'm Judi Ronning, better known as Sherri's mom, and the other half of Moon Lily Dolls.  Having grown up with Barbie, and having a mother who was professional seamstress, I've always had a love of sewing and of dolls.  I also learned to knit at an early age, and always try to keep my hands and mind busy if not with sewing or knitting, then definitely beading.  Beading is a love that I came by only in recent years, but I do enjoy beading lace for the doll's gowns.  I, and my hubby, live in a log home in central VA and love having people come visiting.  This year, we hosted the first Ellowyne retreat at our home.  Together, with Sher, we enjoy combining our efforts for all the doll lovers, but most especially Ellowyne


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