Ell's Twisted Tales 2010




Come and join us, as ALL of our dolls celebrate color

This is about the rainbow and all the beautiful colors it holds. 
And then see how beautiful it can be when we all can interact together all because of the love of our dolls and color!

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Ell/Doll Retreat.
Held in the Pocono's Pennsylvania - June 16th through the 18th, 2011
Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania

This is an exclusive event limited to 25 people total.

Guests will receive an OOAK Theme-Related Ellowyne
Plus many other fantastic goodies

Sponsored By:
Sherri Agee & Judi Ronning of Moon Lily Dolls
Duana Gummo of Duana's Stitch and Sew
Jim Ash of Jim Dandy Dolls


There will be Early Bird Registration.  The price of registration will go up at certain dates.
You can divide your payments into several payment options
There is a $25 lodging fee if you would like to stay in the house with everyone

Register between Mar 1, 2011 - April 30, 2011 - $320 (plus $25 lodging fee)

April 30th, is the last day for registration, and registration is based on a first come, first serve basis. 
There will be a waitlist created once we get 25 registrations in case anyone cancels.




Welcome to Over Ell’s Rainbow, a celebration of color.  Our third annual retreat is a mini convention for a small group of doll collectors to spend a weekend sharing dolls. 
We are limited to 25 attendees who come from all over the US and Canada.  They bring all sizes and types of dolls, as well as goodies to sell or trade. 
This year we are located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

We have theme based events for 5 meals, which can be sponsored by attendees or doll companies.  These events include table gifts and door prizes of dolls,
clothing and accessories donated by doll companies, doll retailers, attendees and artisans.
  In addition to the meal events, there is a gift swap, a buy/sell/trade event and live entertainment. 
There are also workshops to include Steam Punk fun and re-rooting of doll’s hair.

The last evening of the weekend, just as would be at a convention, features not only more door prizes, but each attendee receives a customized OOAK doll by Jim Dandy Dolls,
dressed by Sherri and Judi of Moon Lily Dolls and Duana of Duana’s Stitch and Sew.

It is our wish that everyone who attends has a fun filled weekend of wonderful memories and that they leave with a car load of
goodies from all the wonderful sponsors and donors from the never ending doll world.



Donations from:
BANNERS of donors please Click Here
Sherri Agee & Judi Ronning - Moon Lily Dolls
Duana Gummo - Duana's Stitch & Sew
Jim A. - Jim Dandy Dolls
Janice R. - The Wishing Tree
Lisa S. - The Doll Next Door
Natalie G. - Natalie's Closet
Plusczoc Puppen Dolls
Marsha O. - Perfect Patterns
Jannie C -
Élégance by Eé Lise
Tonner Dolls
Wilde Imagination
Couture Doll Shops - CDS
Kim K.
Pam S. - Doll Jazzz
Joni of Grace Faerie Designs
Doll Heart
Alwin of Alwin Roos Originals
Rita P - BittyBoutique
Lisa Mills Repaints
Peggy F. - Feltrope Studios
Clea Bella
Ginny P. of Gin-O
Facets by Marcia
Jennifer of Perskihouse Creations
Jan A.
Linda M. of Mona Lisa's Fashion Dolls
Laura F.  of Laura's Little Loot
Michelle B. of The Label Lady
Karen K. of Kolkman Kreations
Chelsea of Chelsea's Boutique
Karen's Kreations
Nancy M. of Hautaway
Sherry's Shoes
Sonya - Queen of all Trades
Cherylann W.
Lora G. of Silly Dog Designs
Jan A.
Dee M.
Beverly J.
Boneka Puppenmoden
Green & Lam Studios
Tamara C. of Designs by Jude
Janis K of Wardrobe Secrets


These are all tentative and subject to change

Coat of Many Colors Meet & Greet - Sponsored by Judi, Sherri & Duana
Steamy Red Luncheon and Workshop - Sponsored by Duana & Judi
Greedy Gold Salesroom
Playful Purple Dinner and Entertainment - Sponsored by Sherri & Judi
Blissful Blue Reroot Seminar - by Natalie
Orange You Ready to Party - Sponsored by Kim & Natalie
Green with Envy Swap
Over "Ell's" Rainbow Dinner - Sponsored by Sherri, Judi, Duana & Jim



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