2016 Doll Retreat

Chillin' With Dolls
                      Something a little Different!!!

The sponsors need a break and you get to reap the benefits

Welcome to the 8th Annual Ell/Doll Retreat.
Held in the Harpers Ferry, West Virginia - July 21th - July 23rd, 2015

This is an exclusive event limited to 12 people total.



Welcome to "Chillin'with Dolls"  Our eighth annual retreat is a slumber party for a small group of doll collectors to spend a weekend sharing dolls. 
We are limited to 12 attendees who come from all over the US and Canada.  They bring all sizes and types of dolls, as well as goodies to sell or trade. 
You need not be a doll artist, seamstress or talented in any way.  Just have a love of dolls!!

This year we are located in the beautiful Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. 

OK so this year is different.  We need a little bit of rest and to have the opportunity to be laid back and relax.  However, we still wanted to have fun.
So here is the general lay out of the 2016 retreat
Thursday - Meet & Great (with cold cuts & fruit)
Friday - Getting out and having fun.  We are going to plan an outing (or a few).  We'll offer suggestions of things that people may like to do
Friday evening - If you get back by 6pm we ask that you contribute $5 and we'll order in some pizza, with some fun games to play
Saturday - Relax and then the ever popular swap (with a new twist) and left over cold cuts for lunch
Saturday evening - We are all going into town to the best Italian restaurant for a nice dinner

No dolls or door prizes this year, but don't fear, we are already working on the plans for 2017 with dolls (and possibly something new to tempt your appetite)




Registration is $75.  YES only $75 (this includes lodging, cold cut feast on Thursday and left over Saturday lunch -
which means you are responsible to paying for your meals when we are out, and bringing your own breakfast)

Registration is FIRST come, first serve.  There are only 12 spots and 6 are already taken.  Don't miss your chance to play dolls and have fun

$75 Must be paid in full with registration





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